1995-1996 Bulls vs. 2016 Warriors

For the past few months, NBA critics and fans have been comparing the 1995-1996 Bulls to the 2016 Warriors. This past season, the Golden State Warriors went 73-9. This caused a lot of controversy and discussion throughout the NBA. Many fans wondered who the better team was, the 95-96 Bulls or the 2016 Warriors. The Golden State Warriors were led by their All Star point guard Stephen Curry. He won the Most Valuable Player award last season. He had an excellent supporting cast helping him win games. His teammates were Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala and Harrison Barnes. These were the main players who led this team to the regular season record. The heated discussion that fans always talk is who would win if the two teams were to play. It’s simple; the Chicago Bulls would crush the Warriors. The Warriors just aren’t as dominate in the paint as the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls would easily beat the Warriors by 20 points. This would happen because the game of basketball has changed. Teams aren’t worried as much about defense than the 90s teams were. Also the Golden State Warriors doesn’t have a single player who would be able to stop the legendary Michael Jordan. This being said they would have to go to a zone to stop the Bulls. This would lead to many open shots for the Bulls bench and reserves. The 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls is the BEST team ever created. No other NBA team will ever achieve what they have accomplished.


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