Road to the Championship

The 1995-1996 season was a success for the Chicago Bulls in the playoffs. In the first round of the NBA playoffs, they faced a determined Miami Heat team. In the first round they swept the Miami Heat 3-0. In the Semi Finals they played a much better basketball team. The New York Knicks were 57-25 coached by Jeff Van Gundy. Patrick Ewing was not going down without a fight against the Bulls. Game 1 on May 5, the Bulls defeated the Knicks. Michael Jordan dropped an incredible 44 points. They would beat the Knicks on May 7 to take a 2-0 lead. The Bulls lost in game 3 even though Michael Jordan had 46 points. The Bulls then went on to win the series 4-1. The Chicago Bulls faced a young and inexperienced team in the conference Finals. They played Shaquille O’Neal and the Orlando Magic. The Bulls were determined to beat this young team and head to the NBA finals. They blew the Orlando Magic out almost every game they played.  In game one, the Bulls beat the Orlando Magic by 38 points. By game three, the Chicago Bulls were ahead in the series 3-0. They then went on to beat the Orlando Magic in a four game series sweep. In the NBA finals, the Bulls knew they were in for a challenge. They faced an experienced, well coached Seattle Sonics team. They were lead by Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton. In game one, the Chicago Bulls defeated the Sonics by 17 points. The Bulls then went on to win three straight games and they were up in the series 3-0. However, the Sonics would not go down without a fight. They beat the Bulls by 21 in game 4. In game 5, the Bulls looked week and lost again. In game 6, the Bulls went on to defeat the Sonics and win the series 4-2. The Chicago Bulls were then crowned the NBA champions of 1995-1996.


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