The Roster

1995 was a historic year for the NBA fans and Chicago Bull fans. In 1994 the Chicago bulls made the playoffs even though Michael Jordan retired to peruse a career in baseball. They went on to beat the Cavaliers in the first round. In the Eastern Conference semifinals they faced a tough and well coached New York Knicks team and fell short. In the offseason, the Chicago bulls wanted to be a dominate team once again. In March 1995, Michael Jordan returned to the Chicago Bulls from the Birmingham Barons. The Chicago Bulls traded Will Perdue for the Hall of Fame big man Dennis Rodman. This trade was enormous for the NBA because it established an unstoppable big three in the Eastern Conference. The Chicago Bulls already had Scottie Pippen from last season so; many teams were terrified of the dynasty that was being formed. The starting center for this team was Luc Longley. He was an effective scorer inside and a tenacious rebounder. The starting point guard on the 1995-1996 Bulls team was Ron Harper. He averaged 3.9 assist a game with the Bulls. The Chicago Bulls bench provided superb support for the starters. The backup point guard and is now the current Head coach for the Golden State Warriors was Steve Kerr. The Backup shooting guard playing behind Michael Jordan was the sharp shooter Jud Buechler. The Backup center playing behind Luc Longley was Bill Wennington. The long time veteran John Salley played the backup power forward position and Toni Kukoč played the backup small forward position. The Chicago Bulls also drafted Jason Caffey in 1995. He was picked in the first round and pick number 20. Also the Bulls drafted Dragan Tarlać in the second round and pick number 30. The reserves on this team were Randy Brown, James Edwards, Jack Haley and Dickey Simpkins. The head coach for this dynamic team was the legendary Phil Jackson.


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