Triangle Offense

The Triangle offense was invented in the early 30’s by a man named Sam Barry. Sam Barry was the coach at University of Southern California. He created his offensive strategy to keep defenses from switching from man defense to a zone defense. After Sam Barry retired, his former player Tex Winter decided to become a coach for Kansas State University. He adapted Sam Barry’s coaching style and brought the triangle offense to Kansas State University. Tex Winter later decided to leave the college level and coach in the NBA. The 1995 Chicago Bulls then hired the well experienced Tex Winter. The 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls was the first NBA team to use the triangle offense. Players and coaches in the NBA never witnessed this type of offensive strategy and this led to defensive confusion for other teams. This offensive strategy made players have to defend Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen one on one. If the defense decided to play help man defense, the Bulls would just pass the ball to the open man. This offense also did not allow teams to play a zone defense because a player will always be open. Phil Jackson the Chicago Bulls head coach, made it difficult for teams when they played. This offensive strategy is a big reason why Phil Jackson has thirteen NBA championship rings and is inducted into the Hall of Fame. Today many teams have taken the Chicago Bulls triangle offense. The New York Knicks use this offense and the Los Angeles Lakers also use this offense today.



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