Legacy Coming to an End

After a tremendous season in 1996-1997, the Chicago bulls had success in the next season (1997-1998). They followed the next season with another NBA championship. Michael Jordan was the Most Valuable Player of the season and things were looking great for the team. Midway through the season, age became a factor for the legendary Chicago Bulls team. Injuries also became a factor for the Chicago Bulls as well. The Chicago Bulls had won six of the last eight NBA Championships. But their road was coming to an end and they needed to rebuild their team. Michael Jordan retired from the NBA for a second time in 1999. After Michael Jordan decided to take a few years off, Coach Phil Jackson decides to take a year off from the game as well. In 1998, Scottie Pippen knew that they would not be the same team without the best player to ever play the game and without their coach Phil Jackson so, Scottie Pippen asks to be traded. He was sent to the Houston Rockets for Roy Rogers. In 1998, Jud Buechler was traded to the Detroit Pistons. This trade made their bench a lot less effective and less scoring would be coming from the bench. In 1998, Luc Longley was traded to the Phoenix Suns. Dennis Rodman was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. This was huge because the Bulls lost a defensive anchor and a rebounding machine. Another colossal trade was Steve Kerr being traded to the San Antonio Spurs. After all these changes were made in the offseason, the legendary Chicago Bulls team was no longer the same and began to rebuild through the draft.


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