Where Are They Now?

Today, every player from the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls basketball team is currently retired.  Michael Jordan has accomplished many goals since retiring from the game of basketball. He has starred in the movie Space Jam. Michael Jordan recently became part-owner and head of basketball operations for the Charlotte Bobcats. This was a huge investment because he is now the first billionaire NBA player in history and the world’s second-richest African-American. This month, President Barack Obama honored Jordan with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his success on the court and as a business man. Phil Jackson went on to coach the Los Angeles Lakers after his run with the Chicago Bulls. Today he is the current president for the New York Knicks. Steve Kerr had a very successful NBA career and decided to retire. He then went on to be a sports broadcaster for ESPN. Today, he is the current head coach for the marvelous Golden State Warriors. He has accomplished many goals with this team and has won a championship as the head coach. Scottie Pippen currently works as a basketball analyst. He works for ESPN and ABC.  The rest of the team has retired and went on to spend time with their families. This team will always be the most successful basketball ever established. They’ve completed the most difficult challenges and broke multiple records. The 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls are a legendary team and is a huge role model for young children trying to pursue their dreams. This team will never be forgotten.


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