Road to 72-10 Regular Season Record

The 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls had a long and tough journey to the NBA regular season record. They surprised the NBA fans and went 72-10. Teams were trying to find to stop the Bulls. For example, the Detroit Pistons created a system to try and stop the Bulls. The Bad Boys called this the Jordan Rules. The Jordan Rules were a defensive strategy to limit Michael Jordan from dominating on offense. They would double team him, talk trash to him and when they fouled him they made sure it was a foul. This style of defense limited Michael Jordan from reaching the paint on offense. The Bulls faced a lot of adversity during the 95-96 seasons. They lost two games in a row to the nuggets and suns. After those two loses, they went on to win thirty two games in a row and shocked the NBA. The Bulls finished 72-10, breaking the 69-13 record of the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers. The Chicago bulls were so unstoppable that only the Indiana Pacers were able to beat the Bulls twice. This showed the NBA that the bulls were a legendary team. The Bulls also broke many other records during the regular season. Michael Jordan was named the League’s Most Valuable player. Not many teams were able to stop his dominance on the court.  Michael Jordan was also the NBA’s Most Valuable Player in the All Star Game. Dennis Rodman led the NBA in rebounds. Toni Kukoc won the NBA Sixth Man Award. The big three, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman were placed on the league’s All-Defensive Team.


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